One of the goals of our charity is to make it as easy possible for people to see a skin specialist. A lot of people find too costly, inconvenient or scary to visit a clinic, so we thought we'd bring the clinic to the people... 

Each activation is designed to be as fun and memorable as possible. Taking away the stigma of nuding up and being screened by a stranger. As well as targeting those most at risk - like surfers, sailors, people in rural communities and generally those who spend a lot of time in the great out doors. 

So far we've run events at places like the Australian Open of Surfing on Many Beach, The Audi Hamilton Island Race Week (where we even checked Prince Frederik of Denmark), and every year at the Wes Bonny Memorial AFL match with John XXIII College. 

We've even checked the team from Bondi Rescue as part of their popular TV show which has a global audience of millions.