• Image of The Million Dollar Beard
  • Image of The Million Dollar Beard
  • Image of The Million Dollar Beard
  • Image of The Million Dollar Beard
  • Image of The Million Dollar Beard

This is one of the most valuable fields of facial follicles in the world, measured only by the magnificent beards it has helped inspire.

You see this luscious neck-mane of enchanting rich mahogany isn't just an artwork within itself, this beard has spawned thousands just as grand which have the power to save lives.

The #MillionDollarBeard was conceived at the wake of a dear friend named Wes Bonny, who tragically died from melanoma at the age of 26.

Since then, this humble chin warmer has been a walking billboard for a global movement called Beard Season, an invitation to grow your beard for winter, get a skin check, and become an ambassador in the fight against melanoma - one of the deadliest cancers in the world.

As the new owner, you will be helping this movement grow to a global scale. Every week (on average) we receive a message from someone whose life we may have saved because of our friendly advice. All with next to no budget. Now imagine what a million dollars could do...

We are selling this beard as an art piece. To be removed from its host by an expert team of taxidermists, art restorers and forensic scientists who will painstakingly reconstruct and mount the piece within a framed glass case to be exhibited along with a book of all the people it has met since the day it began.

Or, you may choose to have it remain intact, to utilise (within limits) as you or your organisation sees fit.

All funds will go to Beard Season Pty Ltd as a registered non-profit health promotion charity with DGR status, so your purchase will be totally tax deductible. It will fund a free national skin check program run through sporting organisations, events and festivals, targeting those most at risk. We have piloted the program at places like the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week and the Australian Open of Surfing, with mind blowing results.
We estimate your one million dollars will fund at least 10,000 skin checks.

This is a historic opportunity to own the first ever #MillionDollarBeard and play a vital role in Beard Season's evolution.

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